#GivingTuesday – Gift of Blood

My name is Joyce Myers, Red Cross volunteer, and I am pleased to write today in support of Giving Tuesday. First a little about me, my love of the Red Cross, and why I am making a gift. 

I am very proud of my ability to give – specifically to give blood!  I donated 10 gallons in Fresno, CA and 16 gallons and 130 units of platelets in Bakersfield, CA.

Joyce Myers, Red Cross volunteer and blood donor

After my husband passed away in 2017, I moved from California to Texas in July 2020.  I have 3 grown children and 8 grandchildren. My adult nephew came to live with me after he had several strokes.  

Before retiring, I was an operations officer at Bank of America for 30 years, and I was the human resources director for a nonprofit for 15 years, working with developmentally disabled adults.  Throughout the years, I have volunteered for many organizations, with the most rewarding being spending weekends with developmentally disabled adults and working as for CASA with foster children.   

When I moved to Texas, I discovered the Red Cross, and when I went to donate for the first time, I asked if they needed volunteers. During this last year, I have worked on the DAT team, sheltering, Pedro and the Pillowcase Project, community fairs, food banks, blood drives, the Veterans Day Parade, educating the public on fire safety, delivering supplies, and attending events where I represented the Red Cross. It’s very rewarding when you see the positive impact you have on people.   

I love what the Red Cross does and was especially moved seeing an apartment building in flames, knowing that the Red Cross was there to give people hope and support.   

Why am I making a gift on Giving Tuesday? The Red Cross helps so many people in so many ways. Many people assume that the money and help will always be there. However, the Red Cross only continues because of volunteers – people like you and me – and donations. I am retired and I find satisfaction in helping others. Volunteering is only half of what makes the Red Cross successful. Therefore, I choose to give monetarily, what I can, to keep this magnificent organization and the help going.  Please give, what you can, on Giving Tuesday

Mark your calendar for Giving Tuesday, November 30th, as the day to join the global movement of generosity. Please make your gift today: Red Cross North Texas Giving Tuesday before the clock expires at 11:59 P.M.


Joyce Myers 

The Apartment Association of Greater Dallas, Keeley & Keith Hennington, and Sandy & Mike Stepp, along with a fourth anonymous donor, have graciously agreed to match dollar for dollar up to $65,000 for Giving Tuesday.

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