Camping Hacks to Save Your Life

By Christian McBride, volunteer contributor, American Red Cross North Texas Region

Since nature and human beings share a connection, the health benefits of being in nature can  boost your vitality.

“People who have been suffering from stress, sickness or trauma can spend quiet contemplative time in the gardens or taken to the mountains or woods to heal,” according to

Though all the natural beautiful wonders of the world can provide numerous benefits, they can also cause harm or life-threatening situations. To successfully camp, be prepared for a variety of scenarios. When situations are beyond your control, you must  understand how to calmly respond.

Below are responses to two common camping dangers:

Accidental burn–If you are burned, such as while starting a campfire, access to medical support may be limited. Running cool water under the burn for at least 10 minutes could minimize swelling. Try to keep the area as clean as possible to prevent infections.

Extreme temperatures–Stay weather-aware by having a battery-operated weather radio or use your mobile device’s weather app. If someone is suffering from a heat- related illness, cool them immediately and get them to medical care.

Red Cross offers wilderness and remote first aid courses. You can find immediate resources via the Red Cross First Aid App available in the app store.

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