Giving Back in Honor of My Son’s Blood Transfusion

By Catherine Carlton, volunteer contributor, American Red Cross North Texas

Over the years I’ve donated blood to the Red Cross a handful of times, but wish I had scheduled more often.

I donate blood because it’s easy and helps the community. 

This week I gave with a very specific purpose: In honor of my son, Scotty.

Never did I think that a donation would impact me so profoundly.

Scotty had double-hip reconstruction surgery last month. As we signed the paperwork in the pre-op room, one form was for a possible blood donation. Of course, we signed.

The next morning his labs showed he needed a blood transfusion.

Standing by his bed, seeing the blood of some wonderful donor going into his veins was incredible.

In a short time, we could see his color returning and his labs improved.

It truly was a magical science celebration. 

Catherine donating blood at Red Cross Blood Drive May 2021
Photo Courtesy: Catherine Carlton

“This is amazing,” I said to the nurses who checked on Scotty and to anyone who would listen. 

To give back, I immediately scheduled an appointment with the ICU for a Red Cross blood donation.

I told the Red Cross team doing my blood draw that this was a special donation for Scotty. 

My son is home recovering, and I have a proud mom-bruise from my donation. 

I encourage anyone who can to give; you never know when you or someone you love (dearly) will need it.

To the donor who gave and helped Scotty, I offer my special thanks. While I’ll never know you, I appreciate you and will think of you each time I give. 

For more information and to sign-up for an upcoming blood drive, visit

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