Red Cross Health Care Professionals

By Presley Dailey, volunteer contributor, American Red Cross North Texas

March 30 is Doctor’s Day in America—a day we recognize, thank and celebrate the hard work, talent and dedication of Red Cross health care professionals.

Being a health care professional is arguably one of the most noble and rewarding professions, but it is not easy. Whether it is serving a local community just after disaster or working internationally to fight against disease, Red Cross health care professionals work tirelessly for the sake of creating a healthier, safer world that is welcoming to all.

The network of nurses who give their time to the Red Cross mission come from a long line of hardworking nurses who go back to the founding of our organization. At the beginning, nursing was the primary care provided by the Red Cross with a focus on wounded soldiers fighting in the American Civil war. Clara Barton, a hardworking but amateur nurse who became our founder, was the leader of this movement to provide medical services to those in need and started an ongoing tradition of humanitarian effort that stills serves as the core of our mission today.

Red Cross Nurse Jane, chatting with another volunteer health professional at Hurricane Laura shelter
Photo: Mark Bishop/American Red Cross NTX

Without the admirable work ethic and dedication of our nurses, the Red Cross could not carry out the civil duties on the scale that it does, helping to alleviate human suffering at home and abroad. Whether it is working directly with our Disaster Health Services to provide disaster relief to communities or helping to collect life-saving blood donations, these professionals play a vital role in mobilizing our organization in healthcare efforts across the country.

Our Nursing Network consists of thousands of registered nurses at different levels and stations of the organization carrying out their duties in individual and team settings. Our National Nursing Committee, established in 1910, works to cultivate leadership and support medical workers across the organization, helping to set and achieve unified goals for the Red Cross mission. The Nursing Network provides its services throughout communities across the country, working in vulnerable spots like public schools and individual homes and households.

To carry out these duties successfully and consistently, the National Nursing Committee works to develop resources, recruit volunteers and ensure fund security for future endeavors taken on by the Red Cross so that the mission is always supported. Without the commitment and vision of our nurses in service and leadership positions, our organization would not have nearly the same reach or impact on health-related causes.

To express our endless gratitude for the service provided by Red Cross healthcare professionals, we have created several awards that serve to recognize their devotion and to highlight their efforts to carry out our mission. Each award praises the different but equally important skills and character traits exhibited by the nurses who serve in different capacities at home and abroad, and we present them proudly to those who earn them through their service.

Whether recognizing the grit and merit of a nurse working in disaster or encouraging young nursing students to follow their dreams and to cultivate leadership within their communities, the Red Cross makes a point to acknowledge the many unique people and situations that continue to be the driving force of our objective.

It is no secret that the Red Cross mission would not be what it is today without the talent, commitment and dedication of our healthcare professionals across all sectors. Our nurses come from a long line of service that spans decades into the past and will continue for generations to come.

As we enjoy this day honoring their hard work, we can look forward to a future of stability and health awareness thanks to their devotion to a cause much greater than themselves.

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