March is Red Cross Month and #HelpCantWait

By Presley Dailey, staff contributor, American Red Cross North Texas Region

It is officially Red Cross Month, and now is the perfect time to not only reflect upon those who make our mission possible and to honor their hard work, but also to encourage more people across the country to contribute to the humanitarian objective of our organization.  A little help can go a long way, and it all starts with taking the time to find out how you can make an impact.

Here are four simple ways you can serve others by being a part of the Red Cross:

Red Cross North Texas Region volunteers prepare to receive tenants at a shelter in Euless, TX after a large apartment fire.


The services the Red Cross provides are powered by our generous volunteers who make up 90% of our organization’s workforce. It is evident that every one of our volunteers has a heart for serving others, as they consistently demonstrate this kindness and selfless devotion in times of need. Whether it be in the aftermath of a natural disaster, a house fire, or a community crisis, these Red Cross volunteers are immediately on site as needed and work whole-heartedly for the well-being of the people they encounter. Are you or someone you know interested in learning more about the volunteer opportunities available with the Red Cross? Learn more at

A blood donor and phlebotomist at a blood drive in Frisco on January 13, 2021.

Give blood

Another simple, yet greatly impactful, way to serve others through the Red Cross is to participate in blood donation. Every 8 seconds someone desperately needs blood, which means the high demand for blood products and services will never take a backseat. At the Red Cross, we make it one of our top priorities to supply this lifesaving blood, and we can only do that with the support and participation of our generous donors. Find a blood drive near you and schedule and appointment today at

Take a class

One of the most effective ways to contribute to a cause is to be well informed and equipped to carry out its purposes. At the Red Cross, we offer several different educational courses designed to help anyone who wants to take that next step to get involved in a tangible way. These classes cover a range of studies including CPR certification, lifeguard training, childcare, water safety, and more. To learn more about how to choose a class and register, visit

February 19, 2021. Houston, Texas. American Red Cross volunteer Audrey Nguyen speaks with Yen Ly who is staying at a Red Cross shelter. A winter storm has left millions of Texas residents without electricity and water. Photo by Scott Dalton/American Red Cross

Make a Financial Gift

The easiest way you can contribute to the Red Cross mission is to donate money as you are able to. These donations power the organization and ensure that we have the means to serve others during times of crisis. With the donations of Red Cross supporters, we can help communities rebuild, provide food, water and shelter to those in need, and be an immediate service to anyone who has been suffered from unexpected disaster or devastation. Your financial support is a crucial part of the Red Cross mission and it does not go unnoticed! Make a financial gift today at

For more information about the Red Cross, our mission, and how you can help, please visit Thank you for your interest in serving the Red Cross mission!

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