Love and Service

By Lisa Morgan, staff contributor, Red Cross North Texas Region

Deborah and Jesse Foy are part of a unique crew of Red Cross volunteers that are spouses and gladly serve the organization both individually and as a couple.

Jesse is a retired IT manager and Deborah is a retired HR manager and retired nurse who decided they wanted to give back to the community during their retirement years. Like many people around the country when Hurricane Harvey left a path of destruction they jumped in to help.

During that disaster response Deborah worked with the disaster health services team while Jesse was a shelter associate, shuttle driver, and shelter supply delivery driver.

Since 2017 they have served in a variety of roles throughout the organization including the team at National Headquarters (NHQ) for the Red Cross. Deborah serves as the regional lead for the National Nursing Network and several NHQ disaster cycle services teams. She’s accrued over 2,100 hours volunteering with the Red Cross and says, “I love volunteering for a good cause.”

Jesse serves as the volunteer partner for the client engagement team for NHQ. He also supports the Dallas-Fort Worth area with logistical support activities and has amassed nearly 1,400 hours of service. Jesse says, “serving together is a rewarding way for us to spend our retirement years.”

Together, you might spot the two of them either donating blood or serving as blood transportation specialists, moving blood from the blood bank to local hospitals or from remote blood drives to the blood bank in Dallas. You might also catch this pair out at a disaster as an emergency response vehicle (ERV) team, disaster assessment team, or supporting the Latino engagement team.

If you and your spouse or significant other are looking for ways to get involved and give back to the community, learn more about our volunteer opportunities by visiting

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