Youth Day: Recognize the Youngest and Largest Group of Red Crossers

By: Puja Nayak, volunteer contributor, American Red Cross North Texas Region

Did you know that volunteers under the age of 25 make up the largest demographic of Red Cross volunteers? The Red Cross offers youth programs for students and young adults to provide them with opportunities for community service and leadership training.

One major way young students engage with the Red Cross is through the creation of clubs. There are many Red Cross clubs throughout the country and members of the clubs often engage in a variety of activities. Activities include fundraising drives, volunteering at Red Cross local events, and hosting blood drives. Apart from this, students can also be a part of disaster preparedness training. It’s amazing how these clubs are run independently by students with minimal adult involvement. Students learn important life skills and also gain community service hours.

Red Cross Club officers – Courtesy of American Red Cross Youth Network

Additionally, young students can also engage with the Red Cross through camps. These overnight camps give volunteers hands-on experience and allow them to build teamwork skills, leadership, and even learn CPR and first aid.

Red Cross also offers the field ambassador program, during the school year outstanding high school Red Cross youth volunteers can take their Red Cross volunteerism to the next level. These volunteers serve as liaisons between the local community and the NYC (National Youth Council). Ambassadors are responsible for promoting social media campaigns, spreading information about the mission of the Red Cross, and updating volunteers.

One youth volunteer that has participated in this program, Amisha Chowdury shared, “[it all] comes together on a national level and bigger persepctive.”

Let’s take the time today to recognize the contributions from one of the largest demographics youth volunteers. For more information on youth volunteer opportunities and youth volunteerism at the Red Cross visit

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