We’re Giving Thanks This Holiday Season

As we begin to wrap up 2020, it is time to reflect and give thanks for all the wonderful volunteers and partners that have contributed so much to carrying out the Red Cross mission.

THANK YOU to our incredible volunteers. Your unwavering dedication and the kindness and compassion you show those we serve, truly make you the heart and soul of the Red Cross. Whether it’s volunteering to aide in a home fire response, helping families affected by tornadoes, delivering lifesaving blood to local hospitals, serving our military communities, or providing administrative support, there are no words to describe the generosity you offer to those who truly need it.

THANK YOU to our lifesaving blood donors. The need for blood is constant and your willingness to roll up your sleeve to give blood helps to save lives across North Texas and beyond. Thanks to you, hospitals are able to secure the blood they need to quickly help patients in need. Continue to share the gift of life this holiday season by scheduling your appointment to give blood at Redcrossblood.org

THANK YOU to our generous financial supporters. Your donations are the reason we can reach so many communities when disasters strike. This has been a historic disaster season with more wildfires, hurricanes and other major disasters occurring than ever before. Most recently, your financial supported helped us support families impacted by Hurricane Laura and the tornado that displaced nearly 100 families in Arlington. Thanks to you, the Red Cross is able to provide shelter, food, supplies and comfort items to those in need. You are the difference makers when people need help the most!

We want to give a special thanks to our Ready365 corporate and foundation partners who have committed to support the mission of the Red Cross year-round. It is because of your involvement that we are able to prepare for, respond to and help communities recover from disasters big and small. Thank you for the difference you make locally and across the nation!

To join our incredible team of volunteers, donate in support of the Red Cross mission, or schedule your appointment to give blood, visit www.redcross.org or download our apps here.

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