Grateful for your Service

Lisa Morgan, staff contributor, American Red Cross

Today, the American Red Cross expresses our gratitude to the many veterans that have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. We are proud that many of those distinguished men and women also serve as humanitarians at the American Red Cross. These individuals have been instrumental in aiding our teams to navigate an incredibly busy hurricane season tucked inside of a pandemic. Responding to one of these events by themselves is a huge undertaking, but bundling together is representative of the many challenges we have each faced in 2020.

Our veterans, who are trained to withstand extreme challenges, have exemplified the calm leadership qualities that have helped us all stay steady on the course and focus on the mission of helping people when they need it most.

Throughout the North Texas region there are a significant number of veterans. Some areas they support include helping move supplies and equipment from the warehouse to various disaster recovery sites, leading shelter teams, working with the emergency management offices, coordinating disaster volunteer teams and more. Their contributions make a significant and valuable impact.

On Veterans Day and every day throughout the year, veterans deserve a heartfelt thanks for their commitment to defend this country. There are not enough words to express our gratitude for their work while in the Armed Forces and their work today at the American Red Cross.  Let us also take a moment this month, Military Family Month, to thank their families for supporting them then and now as they continue to give back to the American public.

To ALL veterans, we salute you and your families for your commitment to duty, service and honor and thank you for being amazing colleagues and friends and embodying the Red Cross motto – Sleeves Up. Hearts Open. All In!

The American Red Cross has proudly served the military and veteran community for nearly two centuries. Learn more about our services online at or check out our HeroCare app, available in the app store.

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