10-Year-Old Hurricane Evacuee Gives Thanks, Gives Back

By Catherine Carlton, volunteer contributor, Red Cross North Texas Region

Aubrie, 10, evacuated from Lake Charles to Dallas to escape hurricane Laura last month. She had just started her business Beads by Brie prior to the storm. When they packed up, she grabbed her bead box.  

Designed by Aubrie
Photo courtesy of Katrina Farmer

Once at the shelter, she wanted to give the American Red Cross staff and volunteers a token of appreciation, according to her mom, Alexis.

“Aubrie is a very intelligent, outspoken and caring individual,” her mom shared. “She has a sensitivity for people and their needs.”

They made numerous bracelets at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dallas. Many of the bracelets had message such as thank you, helpful, kindness, caring, blessed and prayerful.

“We passed out bracelets to American Red Cross workers as well as the volunteer cooks that had been feeding evacuees,” Alexis said. “Just the littlest thing to make the next person smile and know that all their help and effort aren’t in vain.

Red Crosser wearing Aubrie’s thank you bracelet.

Alexis and Aubrie also made bracelets for National Guard members and the hotel manager at the previous hotel they staying at, The Holiday Inn Express in Farmer’s Branch.

“It has been a blessing and honor to know that you all enjoy your bracelets made with love💖💖💖,” Alexis shared.

Thank you Aubrie for your kindness.

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