Lifesaving Blood Always Needed

by Carol Grinage, volunteer contributor, American Red Cross North Texas Region

Blood donations are still needed.

COVID-19 has not lessened the need for blood donations across the country, but because of the coronavirus, potential donors don’t realize that donations are still being accepted.

This was the case of Julia Ungs and Austin Sluter, a married couple, who donated blood at the Red Cross blood drive held at the Texas Motor Speedway earlier this month.

Sluter, who follows NASCAR, saw a posting about the blood drive on the Texas Motor Speedway website. He hadn’t donated in a while, and the close proximity of the speedway to their home and the need for blood donations convinced Sluter and Ungs to donate.

“I was surprised that the blood drive was still going on,” Ungs said, “but it is a necessity.”

Ungs is an NICU nurse and a medic in the military reserves, and Sluter has military experience also. This background lead them to donate blood for those in need even at the risk of endangering themselves.

When they arrived at Texas Motor Speedway and witnessed the safety measures in place, Ungs felt that they made the right decision.

After giving blood, Sluter downloaded the Red Cross app to see where his blood was going and to receive reminders for when he needs to donate again. Ungs added, “By seeing where the blood is going, you see that it matters. It makes it personal.”

To schedule your appointment to donate blood or host a blood drive visit

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