March is Red Cross Month

By Emem Ekong, volunteer contributor, American Red Cross North Texas  

March is a special month here at the American Red Cross, because we recognize the heroes that help to serve others through our organization. Most times, when we think of heroes, we think of people that wear red capes and have super powers. But, at the Red Cross, our heroes at times, wear a red or blue vest that says American Red Cross and their super power is the love, compassion, and care they have for others.  

At the Red Cross, we understand that we could not thoroughly fulfill our mission without the help of our wonderful heroes. For instance, 90% of the heroes that work at the Red Cross North Texas are volunteers. So as one can tell, volunteers are the backbone at making the American Red Cross function.  

During this month, we also want to bring attention to the many ways you can be a hero to your community. Here’s how:  

Donate Money. When you give to the American Red Cross, it’s guaranteed that 90% of your giving, goes straight to people who are in need and have been affected by any form of disaster. 

Give Blood. Here at the Red Cross, blood donation is a vital donation competent that is necessary to help the lives of those that need blood. Additionally, the process takes approximately 8 to 10 minutes of your time.  

Class/Certification: There are many training courses and class programs that the American Red Cross offers in order to help those in need of emergency so that people can be proactive instead of reactive. 

Volunteer: We are happy to welcome more volunteers to help the lives of those that have suffered any form of disaster. As a volunteer, one gets a first-hand experience to help those in need. 

For more information on ways you can become a volunteer, go to: 

Lastly, we want to say a special thank you to all the heroes that have contributed their time and effort through the American Red Cross. The hard work and determination our volunteers put into the organization does not go unnoticed. We hope you all continue to work with us so that we can continue to further make a change in our communities. Additionally, for our soon-to-be heroes, we hope you are encouraged to work with us and make a difference in our communities as well. We hope the resources provided will help you find what you are looking for.  

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