One Install at a Time- Aspiring Eagle Scout Leads the Way

by Karsten Doan, volunteer contributor, American Red Cross North Texas Region

When you were in school, there was always someone amongst your peer group that you thought was going to be president or hold a public office someday, Adrian Avila is that student. This 14-year-old freshman from Randall High School in Amarillo is shaking up his community and is leading the charge in setting an example among youth and his peers.

Adrian is a highly active student and prides himself by sticking with the saying, “a good student is an active student.” He is involved in many extracurriculars, including; Randall High School’s Student Council, theatre and golf team, as well as being a model U.N member and lead council and mentor at Hope Choice.

At just 14 years of age, Adrian is projected to become an Eagle Scout, which is the highest rank among the Boy Scouts of America. For his final project to complete his prerequisites to become an Eagle Scout, Adrian decided to partner with the American Red Cross and the Amarillo Fire department to make homes safer within his community by installing free smoke alarms.

According to Adrian, he partnered with the Red Cross because “there is a certain respect when it comes to working with organizations like the American Red Cross and their community service projects speak volumes and help so many people. What I respect so much about the American Red Cross is that they are always there when people are vulnerable and in need, my grandma’s house was wiped away by a tornado a few years back and the Red Cross was right there for her when she was most vulnerable.”

Adrian leading the way by example while installing free smoke alarms for his community

Partnering with Red Cross, Adrian and his volunteers installed 306 smoke alarms in 143 homes. His leadership not only helped make homes safer but inspired others to join the cause. “It has been an honor working with Mr. Murray and his team at the American Red Cross,” His smoke alarm project has taught him that “there is nothing more important than the human connection.” To Adrian, this has been the most gratifying experience for him while working with the American Red Cross.

At such a young age, this young man is articulate and driven to reach his goals. He is committed to service-over-self and finds it “crucial to set an example for others in his generation and lead on how it should be done.” His sense of optimism and hope to propel his generation is refreshing and proven by the way he led his community and peers while partnering with the American Red Cross.

When asked about his future endeavors, he says, “I have a fascination with the criminal process, and I would be honored to attend Regis University in Colorado if they would have me. I hope to fight for criminal equality and be the balancing scale in law, and one day I would like to go into public office or run for the President of the United States, only if I have the following to do so.”

Adrian has big plans for his future and is a shining beacon for youth and his heart to volunteer and help others for a better tomorrow. Like many youths who choose to volunteer with the American Red Cross, Adrian Avila sets an exceptional example for us all. To learn more about Red Cross Youth Volunteer opportunities visit

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