National Babysitters Day

by Serena Jenkins, volunteer contributor, American Red Cross North Texas Region

Not all superheroes wear capes, some of them wear dress-up costumes and build forts with the couch cushions. These superheroes are babysitters, and May 12th is National Babysitters Day.

When parents need a date night or have unexpected work plans, they call on a babysitter to watch and care for their children. Parents want someone who is attentive, imaginative and playful, but more importantly they want someone responsible.

If you are starting off your babysitting business, becoming certified in First Aid, CPR/AED, and babysitting through the American Red Cross will prepare you to become one of the most capable, trusted and in-demand sitters in your neighborhood.

As a babysitter, you know that small children will put anything and everything in their mouths unwittingly knowing the dangers it can pose. Becoming CPR/AED certified is an excellent way to put everyone’s worries to rest because you will be prepared to handle a situation if a child’s airway become obstructed.

Additionally, emergencies can strike at a moment’s notice, and with summer fast approaching, you will want to be prepared for water and outdoor emergencies. Red Cross training can help you know how to safely care for children in pools and prepare you for emergencies of any kind.

With online and classroom options for all ages, the American Red Cross offers child care training that’s not only convenient but valuable to you and the families you care for. Even after your Red Cross babysitting and child care training is complete, you maintain access to your course material and training tips and can print them to take with you every time you babysit.

To help keep life-saving information easily accessible, the Red Cross emergency reference guides and babysitting basics can be downloaded to your mobile phone. Being prepared for any situation shows the families that you are responsible and capable to care for their children.

With a wide array of First Aid, Caregiving and Babysitting, and Swimming and Water Safety courses, the American Red Cross can provide you, your family, and the families you serve with the certified training and skills you need to prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. Click here to learn more & sign-up for a course.

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