#FundHope for North Texas Giving Day

Today, September 20, is the 10th Annual North Texas Giving Day! The American Red Cross has been a proud participant in this incredible celebration for many years and is extremely excited about all the ways you can join us this year!

North Texas Giving Day is the nation’s largest giving day and has raised over $37 million for nonprofit organizations across north Texas over the past decade. While most nonprofits accept donations throughout the year, North Texas Giving Day provides an opportunity for each donation to be matched by partnering corporations or foundations, making that donation stretch even further.

For example, a $5 donation to the Red Cross provides two comfort kits, each filled with personal hygiene essentials including deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, wash cloth and more for two Red Cross shelter residents. On North Texas Giving Day, this $5 donation may be matched to become $10, relieving a family of four from the stress of procuring these necessary personal items.



#FundHope by making a donation to the Red Cross through the North Texas Giving Day website. Your gift will help those affected by disaster, support our military, prepare for emergencies and much more. No matter your gift amount, keep in mind that it may be matched on North Texas Giving Day, helping even more people!

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There are countless ways to volunteer at the Red Cross. We have positions in disaster response, administrative support, communications, military services and so much more! Visit our website, enter your zip code and areas of interest, and someone will be in touch to find the perfect volunteer fit for you!

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The demand for blood donations is always constant, but relies on individuals being proactive about scheduling a donation appointment. When disasters strike, it’s the blood donations already on the shelf that save lives; once that supply runs out, it’s up to blood donors to replenish this lifesaving resource. The devastation wrought by Hurricane Florence resulted in more than 170 blood drive cancellations within the impacted areas. Fortunately, the American Red Cross has a national distribution system capable of transporting blood to where it’s needed most. That means YOU can help those in need by giving blood at a blood drive near you. Visit redcrossblood.org to make an appointment today.

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No matter how you choose to participate, be sure to support the life-saving work of the American Red Cross. Visit our North Texas Giving Day donation page today between 6 am – midnight. With your help, we can #FundHope.


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