You Could Be the Missing Type

by Arti Sharma, American Red Cross North Texas Volunteer Contributor

It cannot be denied that the most precious things in this life are the things that sustain us, that weave between the threads of everyday-being and simultaneously connect us all to the same and essential fabric of what it is to be human.  That common connectivity is life-sustaining blood.

While everyone needs blood, it’s rudimentary nature can keep it from being appreciated or even acknowledged.  Much like many precious things in life, blood is taken for granted until it is missing, only then do we realize its rarity.

StatsAlarmingly, we are at a time and place where blood is at-risk of going missing in hospitals and blood banks around the world.  Specifically, the most common blood types: A, B, and O are becoming scarcer.  For accident victims, organ transplant or cancer patients, and people in need of transfusions or routine and emergency surgery—blood can mean the difference between life and death.  That is why Red Cross is bringing awareness to this very urgent need through support of the Missing Types Campaign.

The Missing Types Campaign is an international initiative putting the world on notice that the most precious resource in life is on the brink of a shortage and is seeing a reduction in availability of the most common types: A, B, and O.  Between June 11-July 3 the Missing Types Campaign is inspiring new donors and reminding lapsed donors of the importance of returning to give again.


To help these efforts, iconic corporate and civic brands, celebrities and influencers are removing the letters A, B and O – the main blood groups – from signage, websites and other public-facing platforms during the campaign period.  In doing so, the campaign will allow people to experience when something they take for granted in everyday life goes missing.

You can help raise awareness about this lifesaving initative! Sign-up at to give blood, and spread the word on social media by removing the letters A, B, and O from your name and using #MissingType. Together we can raise awareness about the importance of donating blood and ensure there is always blood available when it’s needed.


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