Celebrating Month of the Military Child

by Krystal Smith, American Red Cross, Regional Digital Communications Specialist

As April’s Month of the Military Child comes to a close, the American Red Cross reflects on the incredible and resilient military families we’ve met. Through the Red Cross’ partnership with popular doll brand American Girl Dolls, our Service to the Armed Forces team delivered precious dolls complimentary to the children of American military service members over the last few months.

All military families know that it is more than just the military member who serves…the whole family serves. Our U.S. service members and their families sacrifice precious time together for birthdays, holidays, special events and occasions in service to our country.

While military members commit to protect and serve, leave on deployments and risks their lives, military families step up to take care of responsibilities at home and find the emotional strength to cope while the spouse or parent is deployed for an unknown length of time.

31518798_10111554334477960_2418014193341956096_nThese American Girl Dolls provide comfort to the children who wait for their parent to return home. They bring a much-needed smile and distraction as the child changes the doll’s clothes, enjoys a tea party, brushes her hair or simply has her tag along during day-to-day activities.

While each child is overcome with gratitude when they receive their very own American Girl, each parent expresses an equal appreciation to the Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces volunteers and the toy manufacturer for helping provide joy to these children when it’s needed most.

Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces is proud to provide these special dolls and serve our military members and their families every day throughout the year. To learn more about the American Girl Dolls partnership or how you can be involved in serving our military members through Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces, visit www.redcross.org/saf.


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