Winter Weather Safety


After what seems like 10 months of summer and a week and half of fall, winter has arrived in the North Texas region.  From west Texas to east Texas, temperatures over the next few days are predicted to be frigid. Please consider your pets, pipes, and loved ones as we enter this bitter cold weekend.

  1. Bring pets inside to protect them from the temperatures.
  2. Wrap and cover outside pipes. Keep heat going inside the home and open cabinets where plumbing is present to make sure that the heat from the home gets to those areas as well. Keep faucets dripping – there is power in moving water; it is harder to freeze if it is in motion.
  3. Dress appropriately when heading outdoors.
  4. If traveling, please check road conditions and weather forecasts prior to getting on the road. Please make sure you have a phone charger for the car, a blanket, snacks, water and a first aid kit in the event of an emergency.
  5. Heating your home – Please keep safety in mind when keeping loved ones safe and warm.

Download the Emergency App and the First Aid App to keep preparedness information and resources at your finger tips.


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