Top 5 Tricks & Treats for a Safe Halloween

by Krystal Smith, American Red Cross Regional Digital Communications Specialist

Lions and tigers and bears…OH MY! It’s that time of year again where everyone puts on their best disguise and sets out on a quest to collect as much treasured candy as one can hold. Still, with festivities in the dark, there are a few precautions to make sure your Halloween does not become a frightful evening. Here are our TOP 5 Tricks & Treats for a Safe Halloween!

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5. Commence Disguise…Stick to fake flames by keeping your costume flame-resistant and add some reflectors to ensure visibility in the dark.

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4. Follow the light…Have your trick-or-treaters explore the neighborhood with a flashlight to ensure they’re seen in the dark. Pre-plan your route and only approach the houses with a porch light on welcoming those who dare to approach.

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3. Beware of sneak attacks! Watch for animals that may have gotten loose, appear scared, or are protecting their homes. Be sure to keep your pets locked up safe to avoid fight or flight reactions.

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2. Inspect your new treasures…Have a grown-up check all the goodies, removing loose candy, opened packages and choking hazards. Discard unfamiliar brand names just to be safe.

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1. HAVE FUN!!! Halloween is a spooktacular event filled with fun, food, and costumes. Slow down, follow these steps and you’ll be sure to have a vondervul time trick-or-treating.

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