Be A Red Cross Angel

by Carol Grinage, American Red Cross Volunteer Contributor

Your Angel of Mercy
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Be an angel, and volunteer at the Red Cross. Often, when we see a natural disaster or an apartment fire and hear the Red Cross has stepped in to help those in need, people wish there was something they could do. Many times, people donate money, but still feel the pull to do more. What most people fail to realize is that most of the Red Cross workers they see on television are actually volunteers. If fact, the Red Cross here in North Texas is 95% run by volunteers. While many volunteers join to help with disaster relief, there are actually many ways for volunteers to get involved with the Red Cross.

One of the best ways to help is to give blood.  The Red Cross supplies blood to hospitals which distribute it to patients. Blood is in constant need and the Red Cross has made it easier than ever for volunteers to make an appointment to help. To donate, you can go to the Red Cross website or download the Red Cross mobile app. Once there, you can enter your zip code to find locations in your area where you can give blood.

In addition, you can read information on donating blood and complete the required forms in advance. This will save you time, and if you feel uncomfortable about giving blood, this site will help ease your apprehensions.

Angel of Mercy
Photo Credit: U.S. National Library of Medicine

There are also many other ways to volunteer at the Red Cross.

If you want to help in leadership, there is a place for you through volunteer recruitment and placement.

More interested in public affairs? Put your communication skills to work on writing blogs, speaking to media, or taking photos and videos.

You could sign-up to help volunteers locating family members who may have been separated as a result of a natural disaster or political turmoil.

If you are bilingual, you could help in multiple disciplines by translating to help us better serve our community as a whole.

The list of how you can help the Red Cross goes on and on. Go to your local Red Cross website, click on “Ways to Help” and get involved. You can be an angel in the Red Cross – all you have to do is sign-up.

Unsure of where to serve? Ask yourself what are your talents? What do you enjoy doing? How would you like to help? Then take this short quiz and see where you match up!

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