Top 10 Tips for Staying Safe in Crowds

by Krystal Smith, American Red Cross Regional Digital Communications Specialist

Whether headed to a high-stakes baseball game, must-see music festival, or out for the once-in-a-lifetime eclipse, the one thing you can expect is crowds. We’ve put together the Top 10 tips you need to know to keep safe during large scale events.

1. Research the event. Know who is expected to be there and approximately how many people so you can set your expectations.

2. Plan ahead and notice your surroundings. Make sure there are at least two ways out of wherever you are standing/sitting/waiting.

3. Be on the lookout for suspicious activity. Don’t be afraid to report suspicious packages or people.


4. Pack sanitizer and stay hydrated. Keep yourself healthy from the inside by drinking plenty of water and protecting yourself from germs.

5. Keep your belongings in a secure place on your person that only you can access.

6. Stay on the edges of a crowd to avoid getting trapped in the middle. If caught in the middle, move with the crowd while zig-zagging to the outside.

7. Keep your phone charged in case of emergencies. If possible bring an extra battery to ensure you have your phone when you need it. Crowd Meeting Place

8. Set a meeting place so you can find your friends and family if you become separated.

9. Don’t wait until things get too wild to leave. If you notice a shift in the crowd or increased security presence, leave.

10. If you’re going to a crowded event alone, let someone know where you’re going, when you arrive, and when you leave.

When in doubt, use caution and trust your instincts. For more information on keeping you and your family safe during events or severe weather download the Red Cross Emergency App. 

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