Wildflower & Outdoor Safety

by Catherine Carlton, Red Cross Volunteer Contributor

The second week of May is National Wildflower Week but, in Texas, it seems we’ve been celebrating for a few weeks as the beautiful bluebonnets decorate our fields and freeways.

Wildflower Week is a great opportunity to celebrate our beautiful state flower and other wildflowers as well as share some tips about how to be safe and caution around these wildflowers.

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has some guidelines to help keep people and the flowers safe:

  • Be careful where you park.
  • Watch out for rattlesnakes and fire ants in the meadows.
  • While you can pick bluebonnets, destroying them or digging them up will result in a fine.

Want bluebonnets of your own to enjoy? DPS said bluebonnets are easy to grow from seeds for a personal garden, as long as there is not too much rain and they are planted in well-drained soil. (Source: TDPS.)

For more outdoor safety tips download the Red Cross Emergency App.

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