Topgolf, Red Cross partner to provide lifesaving training for hundreds of employees

By Catherine Carlton, volunteer contributor, American Red Cross 

If you’ve ever enjoyed the Topgolf experience, you know their goal is to “help you create unforgettable experiences with friends and family … in the premier entertainment venue with fun point-scoring golf games for all skill levels.” What you probably don’t know is that, if faced with a medical emergency, the staff at Topgolf are trained to administer first aid and CPR and/or use an AED.

As we honor National Get to Know Your Customer Day, April 20, we are highlighting Topgolf, a company that, in partnership with the Red Cross, makes it a priority to be prepared to help their guests if they are ever in need.

Topgolf started a relationship with the Red Cross three years ago after safety and risk management director Helen Irizarry created a two-part plan to 1) train manager in first aid, CPR and AEDs and 2) give back to the communities where Topgolf does business.

First Aid Class

“We believe in what the Red Cross does for the communities we are in,” Helen said. “They’re there for national disasters but they do so much behind the scenes that we don’t always see.”

Part of that behind-the-scenes work is offering training in First Aid, AED, Babysitting, Lifeguarding and Swimming & Water Safety to businesses, community groups and individuals. Communities are safer thanks to the nearly 2.3 million people who train every year in Red Cross first aid, CPR and AED classes.

“If you have the tools to assist in emergency you can save lives,” Helen said. “We’ve occasionally had incidents where we needed to administer first aid, and it makes sense to offer this training.”

Topgolf has trained hundreds of managers and associates at their nearly 30 venues across the country.

“We think it makes sense not just for at work, but if they are in the community they can help too,” she added.

Topgolf is one of hundreds of businesses across country that has partnered with the Red Cross to ensure the safety of their guests. For more information or to take a Red Cross class, click here.

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