American Nurse Appreciation Week: Celebrating Everyday Heroes

By Erin Duncan, volunteer contributor, Red Cross DFW

Nurses work tirelessly around the clock to care for individuals, families and communities so their patients can be in good health. They are considered one of the most trusted professions in the county and are an important part of our healthcare system. Some even volunteer their time and skills to help those in need. That is why American Red Cross is proud to participate in American Nurses Appreciation Week from March 8-10 to celebrate nurses across the country.

Nursing has been a large part of American Red Cross history for over a century whether it be checking a person’s blood pressure during a hurricane or administering tetanus shots to members of the community in the wake of a tornado. More than 20,000 nurses are in service with the organization through the American Red Cross Nursing Network to be on hand to care for disaster victims and build community resiliency. The network works closely with internal health partners and external health partners to develop and sustain operations to enhance health professional participation across the organization.

The nursing network is the operational arm for Red Cross Nursing and Health and is supported by the National Nursing Committee. Some of the responsibilities of the nursing network include:

• Helping Red Cross units recruit, engage and recognize nurses and other health professionals
• Supporting all business lines of service with health integration
• Assisting Red Cross chapters in focus areas such as community resilience, volunteer/youth engagement and Academic Service

If you’re a nurse looking to extend your care beyond the workday and use your skills to care for disaster victims, you can join the American Red Cross Nursing Network. As a Red Cross volunteer nurse, you will serve through disaster response, health and safety instruction, program development, board governance and more. Get involved and join the network today by calling your local Red Cross office or contacting

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