Resolve to Get Involved in 2017

By Catherine Carlton, volunteer contributor, American Red Cross

Each new year brings us a time for new beginnings, and one way many people like to do that is to make New Year’s Resolutions. In 2017, we propose you resolve to get involved with the American Red Cross.

The Red Cross has many ways to get involved, take a chance and make a change for the better – you can find the ways that are most meaningful to you. Here are just a few examples of the 70+ ways to find a volunteer job or change a life with the Red Cross mission:

  • Volunteer to help when a disaster
  • Help with mental health or disaster health services
  • Train to help with an emergency response vehicle team
  • Join the Disaster Action Team
  • Give blood
  • Blog or write about the Red Cross and how we’re helping in your community

As a mom of three who works full-time, I love that I can be involved by writing blogs like this to share my passion for the Red Cross with people like you. I can write my blogs on my lunch break. I can write after the kids go to bed. I can make it work for my busy schedule.

Did you know that by giving blood you help save up to three lives? You can give every 54 days. That means you can give six times per year. That means you can save as many as 18 lives each year. Find a donation site near you. And, there’s an app for that. You can set your schedule, so you can plan 54 days from your last donation.

Is your schedule flexible? Do you like being in the action? Sign up to help in a disaster! You can help provide meals, talk to families impacted by weather or fire, or drive an “ERV” (Emergency Response Vehicle). When disaster strikes, you will be called out to the scene and you’ll help where needed. You can help families find shelter, meals and connect with other community resources.

Which option speaks to you? Whatever works for you, we hope your new year’s resolutions change the world!

Comment below with your resolutions!

One comment

  1. I was very happy to know someone dedicate their time to help saving life and spreading the messages to be part of charity and ARC.After a long years of working as a housemaid abroad and i devide to rest because i got sick i tried yo keep my self from reading .i told myself if gos allows me to stay why not i offer my self to serve and offer my servive to charity and some program wthout letying anyone knows.until i follow ur site and share to my friends and family to be aware.but here in the philippines i help anybody recommend for blood donor to savelife.until now i enjoy doing it.


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