Don’t Be a “Ghoul”: 12 Steps to Safety This Halloween

By Julia Gessner, volunteer contributor, American Red Cross

Halloween is here, and we know you’ll be participating in all of the spooky festivities. In order to keep you and your family safe, the Red Cross would like to remind you of just a few safety tips!


  1. When trick or treating, make sure you always travel in groups. It’s easier to scare people this way, and it’s always safer to use the buddy system.
  2. Map out the route you plan to take so that you can find your way home.
  1. Don’t go inside the homes of strangers!
  1. While masks are fun, be careful. Make sure you can still see where you are going and use face paint instead if you can.halloween-safety-2
  1. Always wear reflective clothing or attach reflective tape or attach glow sticks to your costume to help drivers see you.
  1. Stay on the sidewalk.
  1. When you cross the street, make sure you cross from a corner and look both ways.halloween-safety-3
  2. Avoid open flames and cauldrons! Wigs and costumes are often flammable. Use glow sticks or fake candles in your jack-o-lanterns to avoid fire.


  1. Only go up to homes with outside lights on.
  1. Be careful around real animals!halloween-safety-5
  2. Make sure you check your candy to remove any open packages before you eat it.


  1. For any of your bumps and bruises in the night, download the Red Cross First Aid App.

Have a Happy Halloween!!


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