by Krystal Smith, American Red Cross Intern

Today is the opening ceremony for the 2016 Summer Olympics!


In the 2012 Summer Olympics, the USA dominated!! The USA Olympic Team walked away with the most Gold medal wins (46) and the most overall medals won (103) for any country!

Eagle USA

Our nation beamed with pride and many Olympic spectators took to displaying their own athleticism. The lesson learned…we are not all made to be Olympians.

Learn from last year’s spectators. Avoid these 5 temptations when you suddenly get that Olympic feeling…

I can do that


#1 Watch where you stand and throw!

shot put

Never stand near someone throwing a shot put or anything else! They are very heavy and will ABSOLUTELY hurt if one hits you in the face! It’s probably best to keep a first aid kit packed and ready, just in case.


#2 Tumbling is hard…leave it to the pros!


You should never attempt a new skill without a trained professional present to help you. If you think you have a sprain, apply ice to injury and seek medical advice if symptoms persist. For broken bones, attempt to keep the body part stabilized and transport the person to the nearest hospital.


#3 Do NOT lift more weight than you can handle!

power lifting

When inspired to start weightlifting, have a spotter and avoid adding on more weight than you can handle. If the weights do land on someone, quickly remove them. If there are signs of a concussion (examples include: dizziness, headache, confusion, or loss of memory), seek medical attention.


#4 Be careful doing hurdles…they are higher than you think!


As with most Olympic sports, the skills are not made to do in jeans. If you are wanting to engage in some outdoor track and field, make sure you are wearing the appropriate clothing and drinking plenty of water. For more heat safety tips, click here.


#5 Only dive into WATER!


Make sure the water is at least 9 feet deep and that you can reach the water before taking off for the dive. Also, check to make sure no person or object is in the way of your dive. Best thing to do is freshen up on all of your swimming and diving safety steps by clicking here.


The Olympics are an exciting time for all of us. Just remember, they may make it look easy, but these Olympians have been preparing for their entire lives. For more first aid safety and disaster preparations, download the free American Red Cross First Aid app.



Special shout out to our Texas Olympians competing in Rio:

Cammile Adams, Brad Adkins, Simone Biles, Morgan Brian, Chris Brooks, Mackenzie Brown, Jimmy Butler, Michelle Carter, Kerron Clement, Kassidy Cook, Logan Cunningham, Jimmy Feigen, Phyllis Francis, Jackie Galloway, Brittney Griner, Courtney Hurley, Kelley Hurley, DeAndre Jordan, Madison Kocian, Stephen Lambdin, Jarrion Lawson, Stacy Lewis, Steven Lopez, Simone Manuel, Inika McPherson, Katie Meili, Clark Montgomery, Courtney Okolo, Patrick Reed, Keith Sanderson, Shelbi Vaughan, Timothy Wang, and Chrishuna Williams!

Good Luck!!!


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