National CPR/AED Awareness Week: how to help save a life

By Julia Gessner, communications intern, American Red Cross

Though today is the final day of National CPR/Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Awareness Week (June 1-7), the Red Cross DFW would like to remind everyone that the importance of CPR/AED education does not end this week. We encourage everyone to become trained in how to properly administer CPR and utilize an AED in the event of an emergency.

m14440090_los-angeles_cpr-class_514x260When an individual suffers from sudden cardiac arrest, the heart stops and blood no longer reaches the brain or other vital organs. During these events, seconds are precious and a bystander calling for help, accurately providing CPR and utilizing an AED can mean the difference between life and death for the individual. In fact, time is so critical, many individuals suffering from sudden cardiac arrest do not make it to the hospital. By properly receiving CPR and AED training, you can help increase the chance of survival for a coworker, friend or family member.

Sudden cardiac arrest often cannot be predicted, so the American Red Cross recommends that at least one individual in each household and place of business maintains CPR/AED certification. With our wide variety of class options, the American Red Cross makes it easy to become this life saver.

If you are interested in getting trained, see more information on Red Cross classes and get trained now! Additionally, the Red Cross can help you or your organization with facilitating the purchase of an AED, accessories, and service and maintenance plans.

You can also download the free Red Cross First Aid App for instant access to expert advice wherever and whenever you need it.

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