Don’t Get Burned This National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

By Amy Yen, volunteer contributor, American Red Cross

It’s National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day and while, inexplicably, it is not actually a national holiday, we hope you are celebrating with a gooey, buttery bite of your favorite recipe.

Everyone, deep down inside, believes their grilled cheese is the best grilled cheese and hey, I’m not here to argue, even though you’re wrong, because my grilled cheese is definitely the best grilled cheese. Indeed, there are many variations, from this delightful looking upgraded option to everyone’s favorite dorm room gourmet. There’s even this dessert version, if you want to get really crazy.

Whatever edition you grill up, don’t forget to grill safely! Did you know that cooking is the leading cause of home fires? Don’t get burned! (Unless you’re talking about just a little bit on your bread, because that’s delicious.) Here are a few tips to keep in mind while you’re getting your cheese on:

• Keep anything that might catch fire away from the stove, including pot holders, oven mitts, food packaging, adorable children & pets.
• Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen & make sure there’s a smoke alarm nearby & that the batteries are working.
• Never leave your food unattended while cooking, not even for “just a second.” If you must step away, turn off the stove.
• Check on food regularly while cooking. Use a timer to remind yourself if you’re doing multiple things at once. Remember, it’s not just your cheese that might get burnt.

Check out more fire safety tips here. And here are a few more creative recipes to help you celebrate this super important day that should totally be a national holiday. (Seriously, should we start a letter-writing campaign to Congress?) Happy Grilled Cheese Day!

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