It’s Random Act of Kindness Day!

By Kiera Ford, volunteer contributor, American Red Cross

February 17, 2016 marks National Random Acts of Kindness Day. On this day, everyone across the nation is encouraged to take some time out of their busy schedules and spread joy and kindness to others. This could be by paying for the next person in line’s coffee, lending a hand to your neighbor or coworker, or simply holding the door open for a group of people.

rakd2Originally started in New Zealand, Random Acts of Kindness Day has grown in size and popularity over the years with more and more people taking part and finding unique ways to “spread the love”. There is even a Random Acts of Kindness organization that seeks to find ways to spread joy and kindness everyday of the year! Here’s the link to check them out:

At their website you can find awesome stories about acts of kindness, different/cool ideas on ways to show kindness, as well as an opportunity to join the movement.

In honor of this awesome day, we at the American Red Cross encourage you to work with us to spread kindness by taking part in some of the many programs and classes we offer (and you can use them to help people in the future!).

rakd4What better way to show true kindness and selflessness than by saving a life! At the American Red Cross, we offer a variety of different ways you can potentially keep someone safe, be it through our CPR/AED/First Aid training courses, water safety courses, or by donating blood.  Each of these courses provides you with the information and skills needed to perform acts of kindness time and time again. By donating blood, you can be proud in knowing that you helped to save the lives of others. (Remember, you have to make an appointment to donate blood!) You can also sign up to volunteer with us so that you can continue to give the gift of kindness all throughout the year. For more information on all of the informational and lifesaving courses that we offer and the locations where you can take them, visit our website here.

Sometimes it may seem hard or inconvenient to show kindness to others, especially if it is intentional. Remember, a simple act of kindness can bring happiness and warmth to someone who may need it. Take time to show others the brighter, nicer side of life, and most often you’ll feel better for doing so. So, go forth and be kind!

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