Red Cross Shelter in Garland to Close: Families All Have Safe Place to Stay

This message from Anita Foster, Public Information Officer, American Red Cross: 

After 13 days of 24/7 shelter operations, the American Red Cross is closing its last shelter at Gale Field Recreation Center today. In total, the Red Cross operated six shelters across three counties and registered more than 500 people who needed a safe place to stay after the storms. 

Red Cross teams have been working for the past several days to help the remaining families at the Garland shelter make arrangements for new places to stay. As of last night, everyone who had been staying at the shelter was ready to move to a new location and continue with their recovery. 

Just because the shelter is closing doesn’t mean that help isn’t still available. To date, the Red Cross has helped 782 families (2,766 people) with individual casework services and those numbers are expected to rise in the coming days. Every family who sustained damage to their homes is urged to call the American Red Cross at 1-800-REDCROSS or stop by the Multi-Agency Resource Center, 1310 W. Avenue F., Garland to meet with a Red Cross caseworker. 

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