Red Cross Responds to #TXtornadoes in December (Updated: 1/7/16 1:25 p.m.)

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After damaging storms tore across the Metroplex on the evening of December 26, 2015, the American Red Cross launched a region-wide response covering Ellis, Dallas, Collin and Rockwall counties. Below are services currently available. If a service is listed that you know isn’t right or has changed, please leave a comment below and we’ll get it updated right away.



Gale Field Recreation Center, 1701 Dairy Road, Garland, Texas


Garland Multi-Agency Resource Center:

Granger Recreation Center, 1310 W. Ave F., Garland, Texas
Hours: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m


At sundown on Wednesday, January 6, 2016, the American Red Cross will end its distribution of supplies. With most homeowners finished with their salvaging, the need for shovels, rakes, tarps, work gloves and other supplies has diminished. For anyone needing additional clean-up supplies, they can stop by the Multi-Agency Resource Center in Garland.


With a finalized damage assessment of residential homes impacted by the tornadoes, the Red Cross has determined that 1,100 homes have been left unlivable and another 1,100 sustained minor damage such as fences down, shingles off, broken windows, etc.


Disaster Mental Health counselors with the American Red Cross are talking with families impacted by the storms and providing tips on self-care and how to cope with the storms aftermath. For those that might not be available to speak with a mental health member in the field, experts are available to speak with at the Disaster Distress Helpline at 1-800-985-5990.


North Texans looking for loved ones who haven’t been able to reach them can use the Red Cross Safe & Well site at to initiate a search.


If you’re looking for ways to help, the best and easiest ways are by signing up to volunteer or by making a financial donation. Both can be done at


The Red Cross will be posting critical response information and safety tips on our twitter feed @RedCrossDFW.

COMMUNITY DONATION SITES (please call the location prior to dropping off items to ensure that the agency is still in need of donated items):

First United Methodist Church – Rowlett, 4405 Main Street, Rowlett, Texas
972-475-3667, please call to determine current needs.

Disabled American Veterans (DAV) disabled vets that need assistance can reach Dallas DAV at 214-857-1119.

First Baptist Church, 4309 Main St, Rowlett 972-475-3510, please call to determine current needs.

Joint Disaster Recovery Center

Additional donation centers can be found here


Rowlett ( and Garland (; these links have information about what organizations are available for help and what needs have been determined.

If any Mexican nationals were affected and need additional assistance, they can contact the Consulate General of Mexico, 1210 River Bend Dr., Dallas, Texas 75019

Community Partnerships operating as of December 31, 2015

Texas Baptist Men
Contact: Terry Henderson 214-676-7201
Currently providing chainsaw unit n Collin County and Garland, Box Units in Garland and Ellis County

Medical Reserve Corp
Contact: Jess Wade 214-677-7881
Currently providing health/disaster mental health services

Victim Relief Ministries
Contact: Edward Smith 972-533-3972
Providing disaster mental health services and helping in donation center at 1st Baptist Church in Rowlett

Billy Graham Rapid Response Team
Contact: Carolyn Perez 918-655-3315
Providing spiritual care and disaster relief

Samaritan’s Purse
Contact: Todd Taylor (for now) 828-406-4311
Providing cutting of trees, tarps and property clean up

Chocolate Mint Foundation
Contact: Felicia Frazier
201 Executive Way, Desoto, Texas
Providing food, clothes and temporary housing (can staff their shelter)

The Salvation Army
Contact: 972-937-7727
Providing clean up kits

North Ellis County Outreach
Contact: Cammie Wammack 972-617-7261
Providing a thrift store for clothing, school supplies and a food pantry

Contact: 214-850-7228
Providing Volunteer manpower, pastoral care, muck-out, tarp and chainsaw work

Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation
Contact: YL Ling 214-718-1168
Providing client assistance at MARC locations

Adventist Community Services
Contact: Monique Monroe 214-395-6759
Providing donation warehouse management at the Granger Rec Center

Nigerian Nurses Association
Providing blood pressure checks

LDS Church of Mesquite
Providing property cleaning and tarps

Transporting from Hereford Elementary to the MARC

Texas Department of Insurance
Offering client services for prevention of fraud

City of Garland
Assistance with utility services

City of Rowlett
Assistance with utility services

Humanity First USA
Providing property clearing

Friendship House/1st Baptist of Garland
Offering tarps, clean up supplies, etc.

Vehicle Repair:
Rockwall Wraps
Contact: Emerald Khan 214-406-9551
Providing free vinyl window coverings as a temporary fix until insurance can replace

Factory Finish
Contact: Derrick 817-838-4288 – Waiving $500 insurance deductibles for anyone affected by disaster

Property clearing:
Residents can call 800-451-1954 or go to Operational beginning Dec. 29-Jan. 15 open 9:00a-7:00p 7 days a week Closing Jan. 15th

U-Haul supplies/equipment:
Contact: Michelle Houlihan 303-263-2841
Providing boxes, trucks and U-Haul supplies

Veteran Services:
Service connected disabled vets needing assistance can call the Dallas DAV at 214-857-1119

Animal Services:
Lost Pet Search and Rescue
Contact: Cindy Gordon 214-535-4367
Scope available to search for pets, works best in cold weather and at night

Rowlett Animal Services
Contact: Asher Moore 972-412-6219
4202 Industrial, Rowlett, Texas
Providing kennels, food and supplies

Garland Animal Shelter
Providing pet supplies, in need of more supplies

Other pet resources: ; ; Facebook page: Friends of Rowlett Animal Shelter; Collin County Animal Services 972-547-7292

Additional Feeding Sites

Mercy Chefs at Oasis Church, 5026 Locust Grove Rd, Garland, Texas

Operation BBQ Relief, 1st Christian Church, 7301 Miller Rd, Rowlett, Texas
-also feeding city of Electra while power/water is off

Salvation Army-providing mobile feeding

Hereford Elementary in Rowlett-feeding site

Lakeview Centennial HS, Garland-feeding site

Thursday, January 7 and Friday, January 8 – Rowlett High School and Toler Elementary School will offer dinner to families impacted by the tornadoes. Meals provided by Chick-fil-A and Olive Garden will be served from 5-6:30 p.m. A Parent Debrief will also be held before the dinner at Toler Jan. 7.


  1. You know Garland and Rowlett are not the only towns hit but yall set up for garland and Rowlett but nothing was ever set up for copeville is it big towns before little towns it’s like the little man forgotten defend for yourself we’ll take care of the rich and forget the poor


    • Hi Robert,

      I’m sorry you haven’t seen us in that area. We’ve been out doing disaster assessment for the last two days there and we have teams doing dispatch calls to folks in those area in need. We also have a supply truck set up at the intersection of Hwy 78 and CR 546 in Copeville today. If you know of someone with specific needs in that area, please ask them to call us at 1-800-RED CROSS or 866-505-4801 so we know where they are. We don’t want to miss anyone who needs our help.

      Thanks, Taelor


  2. I am looking for a missing co-worker who lives in Rowlett. The last time she was heard from was just prior to the storm hitting. She told another co-worker she had to take cover. We haven’t been able to contact her since Saturday night. Can anyone tell me if there is a list somewhere that we can check for people in shelters or hospitals ? The person we are looking for is Nora McCuin.


  3. Hello! I created a volunteer account and sent in an application to a couple of disaster services positions that I assumed were for this situation. When does one hear a response back about when they can go on site and help? If all positions are full, what are some basic necessities one can donate to a shelter? Any thing specific mostly needed?


    • Hey Marissa! Thank you for wanting to help. Our Volunteer Services folks are working as hard as they can to process all of the incoming information. They will contact you as soon as they can. The best way to help donation-wise is really a financial donation. It allows us to respond immediately and get the victims the exact kind of assistance they need. Thank you so much!


  4. Good morning. As I sit and watch the news on the tornado damage, i am saddened. I was wondering if there was anything that i can volunteer to do to help these familes?


    • Hi Greg, thank you so much for wanting to help! The best and easiest way to do so is either by signing up to volunteer at, so our teams can let you know where you’re needed most. Or by making a financial donation at If more needs or opportunities arise, we will update here. Thank you!-Taelor


    • Hi Angelique, we’re so glad you want to help! The easiest/best way to do so is either by signing up to volunteer at, so our teams can let you know where you’re needed most. Thank you! -Taelor


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