Thanksgiving Safety from the Pros: Holiday Cooking

By Kiera Ford, volunteer contributor, American Red Cross

As the first installment of a two-part Thanksgiving safety blog, we invite you to learn cooking safety from the pros. With the holidays quickly approaching, houses will be immersed in the alluring smells of festive goodies. Friends and family will gather to break bread and create memories, and the kids get a break from school to relax and sleep in. With all the activities that come with the holiday season, it is easy to take short cuts or even forget when cooking monstrous dinners for your loved ones. To keep you and yours protected this holiday season, here are some awesome tips to keep you safe in the kitchen:

map of food

Tip #1: Always stay in the kitchen when you are cooking on the stove-top! This way, you can keep an eye on your food so it doesn’t boil over or burn.

butterballTip #2: Remain in your house when you are cooking. I know sometimes we forget things and need to make a quick trip to the store, but if you can, send someone else or make sure another adult is watching the food for you. Also, remember to check on your food frequently, especially the turkey! Click here for a full flier on turkey frying safety from the NFPA.

Tip #3: Keep children away from the stove! ‘Tis the season for little helping hands, but make sure those little hands are at least three feet away from the stove-top and oven. If you’d like to learn how your children could help in the kitchen, check out this great guide: Kids in the Kitchen.

Tip #4: Keep a clean and clear floor to avoid trips, falls, and slips. You would hate to have that beautiful, juicy turkey end up on the floor en route to the dining room table!
Tip #5: Keep knives out of reach of children. They’ll be lots of pies and cakes for the kiddos to enjoy, but make sure an adult is slicing it for them, as well as cutting up the main course for them, if they need it.

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