Happy 87th Birthday, Mickey Mouse!

By Jenny Contreras, intern contributor, American Red Cross

Everyone can recognize his round mouse ears, they may have even owned a pair from their visit at Disneyland, and most remember him from Fantasia 2000. However, not everyone is aware that today is Mickey Mouse’s birthday!

tumblr_mwgl6yRipS1sd4c1xo1_250Mickey Mouse was created in 1928 by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks, and the adorable mouse made his public debut in Steamboat Willie that same year. Little did his creators know, that he was going to become a public figure known ’round the world. Mickey will be turning 87 today, and the little guy is no where near retirement!

Aside form making cameo appearances in Disney movies and Disneyland, Mickey also volunteers at the Red Cross by spreading smiles to children during times they might be scared. The iconic mouse tries to stay busy whether its entertaining families, providing comfort to children during dire times or educating our little ones on disaster preparedness thanks to the Red Cross’ partnership with Disney.


When disaster strikes, Mickey Mouse plush dolls are given to children to help them find comfort and love during a time when they might normally feel scared or uncertain. The littlest disaster victims can find hope when Mickey is placed into their arms after a home fire or any other number of scary situations the Red Cross responds to. He might also help comfort a child who’s been the recipient of lifesaving Red Cross blood or even one who’s mom or dad needs help through the Red Cross’ Service to the Armed Forces program. Whichever line of service needs his help, Mickey is always “Red Cross Ready” and willing to roll out to help. Mickeys are also awarded to children who have put in one hundred hours of volunteer service at the Red Cross through the Disney VoluntEARS program.

Mickey with the help of his friends– Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Daisy, also help young children to be better prepared for disasters. In the Disney Mickey and Friends Preparedness Activity Book, the digital book covers detailed information on hazards including safety procedures and how-to instructions on making a first aid kit.

22370691158_28409bb581_zAlthough he is technically a senior citizen, Mickey still looks good in his wizard hat after all these years. Red Crossers everywhere love to work with him, and he is always appreciated by the people he serves.

Happy birthday, Mickey, and thanks for all that you do!

Love, your friends from the North Texas Region of the American Red Cross.

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