#TurnandTest for Daylight Savings Time

By Taelor Duckworth, staff contributor, American Red Cross

Yes, yes. It is once again that glorious time of year when we’ll all get ONE extra hour of sleep. To help you remember to “Fall Back”, here’s a little poem from our Red Cross family to yours:

While the children are nestled, all snug in their beds,
Thoughts of ghouls and goblins roam through their heads.

You spent all month long shopping for the perfect Halloween costume.
So, your kids spent the night trick-or-treating, we presume.

Now that they’re all tired out from a very spooktacular evening,
You can finally get down to what you’ve really been scheming.

A mere 30 minutes of fun, but they still brought in a big haul.
Grazing through the candy is your favorite part of fall.

As you peel from your fingers, the sticky, chocolate wrappers,
Your wife stops you before you both become nappers.

She reminds you of the time change, and you become sour
But then you remember it’s fall BACK one hour!

So you dial back your clocks,
And then slip into your sleep socks. 

But wait!

Before you succumb to that sugar-induced coma,
Be sure to check your smoke alarms, so they can catch that aroma!

When you take the time to turn back your clocks before bed this evening, go ahead and test the batteries in your smoke alarms. Don’t have any? Reach out to your local Red Cross and get one for free through our Home Fire Preparedness Campaign. It’s the perfect time to #TurnandTest to keep your family safe and on time!

Happy Halloween from the American Red Cross! We hope you enjoy that extra hour of sleep. We know we will!

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