Your Ghoulish Guide to Celebrating Halloween

By Jenny Contreras, intern contributor, American Red Cross

It’s the Halloween season, and if you have a Netflix subscription or if you’re a fan of ABC’s 13 Nights of Halloween, you be will be tempted to sit down and watch a few Halloween-themed flicks. The other day, I caved in and watched The Corpse Bride. Although this wasn’t the first time I watched this movie or any of the other Halloween favorites that follow, some concerns did come up in regards to celebrating Halloween. Follow these simple rules, and you’re sure to have a Happy Halloween!

Hocus Pocus

1. Candle Safety (Hocus Pocus)

Stay away from black flame candles! If they happen to be in your outdated emergency disaster kit, they should be tossed out your windows ASAP. Consider updating your survival kit based on these suggestions from the Red Cross. It’s guaranteed these kits do not have candles that summon witches.


2. Bermuda Triangle Vacation Plans (The Addams Family)

Although Fester did reunite with Addams clan after his fight with Gomez, he wasn’t able to come back home soon enough. Had it not been for his trip to the Bermuda Triangle, he would have returned back to his home much sooner. As Wednesday Addams put it, “nobody gets out of the Bermuda Triangle”. Fortunately Fester did, but perhaps it would be best to plan your vacation in Galveston or South Padre instead of the Bermuda Triangle.

Corpse bride

3. Rehearse Marriage Vows at Your Own Risk (The Corpse Bride)

Marriage vows are not something to be taken lightly. As Victor recites his wedding vows in a nearby forest, and places the wedding ring on a upturned tree root, that ends up being a corpse’s hand, the young grooms is subsequently married to a corpse. Wedding vows are basically for forever, so be cautious when you recite them out in the open.


4. Blend in(Halloween Town)

What Aggie doesn’t understand is that being normal is not overrated. Her daughter, Gwen understood that by being “normal”, she would keep her children from being in the middle of a magical power struggle with Kalabar.


5. Decorate Accordingly (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Like Jack Skellington, you may have gotten bored of Halloween. Jack lives in a town that prepares for Halloween year-round and has a ghoulish mayor, but most of us in the real world don’t. Therefore, one cannot simply fast forward to counting down the days until Christmas, string lights along the rooftops and place wreaths upon every entrance to our homes. These things should only be done after placing the Halloween decor in storage. Take in everything one day at a time, or in this instance each holiday at a time. Once the cobwebs and cauldrons are placed in storage boxes, whip out the cute little cornucopia and turkey decorations instead of the Christmas tree, otherwise it could be a disaster.

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