“We Dem Boyz” Sunday Preparedness

By Shannon Randol, volunteer contributor, American Red Cross

It’s the weekend and that only means one thing now that it’s officially FALL! Football season, baby! And the Dallas Cowboys play the Atlanta Falcons this week at noon.

This past weekend’s game took a toll on the starting lineup. Tony Romo is out for 6-8 weeks with a broken collarbone, although he won’t need surgery. Dez Bryant has a broken bone in his foot and is expected to miss 10-12 weeks, despite what he shouts on Twitter. AND, Jason Witten has been rumored to miss Sunday’s game due to knee injuries.

The DFW Red Cross office is filled with diehard Cowboy fans and want to see their boys go 3-0 into week 4 of the season.

But, it’s going to be interesting to see how backup quarterback Weeden weathers against Matty Ice and the Atlanta Falcons. And because it’s preparedness month, this is how the DFW staff will be preparing for the game this Sunday.

1. Gathering With Friends 

Thanks, Pinterest!
Thanks, Pinterest!

Because lets face it, it’s easier to watch a game with friends while losing and more fun to celebrate with friends while winning.

2. Pizza For Everyone


Nothing goes better with football Sunday than PIZZA.

3. Partake In Pre-Game Superstitions 


Do the rain dance or wear your lucky shirt. No jinx!

4. Warn Your Neighbors/Roommates


Because if you’re anything like me during football season, it can get pretty loud on Sundays.

5. Stay Off Social Media


Try not to be one of those people giving play by play posts, blaming the refs, or getting wrapped up in an argument with opposing team strangers on forums. Never Twitter while you’re bitter. 

Stay safe this weekend and enjoy the first official weekend of Autumn. Hopefully, Texas will catch the memo sooner rather than later.

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