Happy National Senior Citizen Day

By Shannon Randol, intern contributor, American Red Cross

Anybody else thinking this should be renamed to Happy Grandparents Day, or is that already taken?

The older generation is not one to be snubbed over. The well-ripened-like-fine-wine population have some of the best stories, EVER. And as a young twenty-something year old, I relish in the moments old timers talk my ear off.

To celebrate we made a list for your viewing pleasure.


You have to know who baddiewinkle is, probably only the coolest ol’ ladies you’ve ever followed on Instagram! It’s safe to say she’s the only hipster I want to see sippin’ something too green and healthy while on a laptop at a coffee shop.  


The technology era has been making grannies and grampies one lining wonders! Have you ever had to explain the magical workings of the Internet to your g-ma or g-pa? I have!

I was visiting Buffalo, New York, a few years ago and staying at my grandmothers home during the visit. I went to visit a few friends when my grandmother called my mother, who then called me, to ask what I did to her computer.

Baffled I replied, “nothing.” It was an e-machine, you could barely play spider solitaire without crashing the connection. Do they even produce those things anymore?

Turns out ol’ g-ma accidentally took the start bar and moved it to the other side of the computer. Somewhere in the process she convinced herself I had done something to make it move…

Needless to say, after I came back to her apartment I fixed it and she could resume using the solitaire machine.


My mother is hardly old but manages to embarrass me regardless. “That’s my beautiful intelligent girl!!” she’ll post, with far too many exclamation points. When grandparents do it, you can’t even be mad. 


Old habits are hard to break. 


Just. Yes. 


I can only hope I never grow up. I’ve met a lot of cool older folk that refused to lose their spark. 

The number of people over the age of 65 has soared with baby boomers entering the retirement phase of their life in the year 2011. At this age the increase of infectious disease and problems with the heat become enhanced.

The American Red Cross wants to remind you on this day to keep your grannies and grampies in mind during the summer months and flu season. For extra precaution, you can also download one of the many apps we have to assist in emergencies.

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