Back to School: A Survival Guide for Supplies and Shots

By Lisa Morgan,  American Red Cross Staff Contributor

You don’t have to admit it, but we know you’re secretly excited about getting your kids out of the house and back to school. We understand. As you scurry around to complete your last minute details this weekend, we wanted to provide you with a Back to School Survival Guide for Supplies and Shots, so that your only concern is doling out hugs and kisses at drop-off.

School Supplies – There’s always that one teacher that has something crazy on the list like the special sized manila paper. I have yet to see an arts and crafts project utilizing this over-sized manila paper, but I digress. You still have a couple of opportunities to hit up a Back to School Fair if you’re in the areas linked below. If you can’t make it, consider saving gasoline and precious time running down those unique supplies and consult the wizard we call Amazon. Truly, I think they have everything there.

Fri., Aug. 21 – Dallas (75217 and 75227 zip codes only)

Sun., Aug. 23 – Carrollton Area

Immunizations – They’re a vital step in rearing a healthy child. Vaccines are critical in protecting children from diseases that as few as 60 years ago were life-threating or crippling. Need help paying for or obtaining immunizations for your child? Contact your local county health and human services offices. There are programs to help reduce or eliminate the costs of the vaccines.

Collin County Health and Human Services

Dallas County Health and Human Services

Denton County Health and Human Services

Tarrant County Health and Human Services

While your child is anxiously waiting for the shots, or screaming while it’s happening, see it as a badge of honor. While children in the United States receive the immunizations they need to stay healthy, it’s not true around the globe. Every day, Red Cross workers help children in underdeveloped or conflict-torn countries receive critical immunizations such as Measles and Rubella. Sadly, around 400 people die every day from measles, most of them children.

So as you get ready to take your kids back to school all happy and healthy, consider it a joy to search for that elusive required school item and power through those visits to the doctor’s office. Before you know it, you’ll be back into the daily routine of making sack lunches, carpooling and helping with homework. Nothing could be better. Happy Back to School!

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