We Have An App For That

by Shannon Randol, contributor writer, American Red Cross

I recently rediscovered my middle school obsession, Charmed, on Netflix. Not a huge shocker, who finds oldies but goodies anywhere else with the ability to binge watch? Exactly.

While laying on the couch, veggin’ out and drooling over my long lost #mancrusheveryday Cole Turner, a blog post idea came and slapped me back to reality, one where Mr. Turner and I were not training for The Source Of All Evil in the basement, sweaty. *insert sad face emoji* 


The American Red Cross currently has 13 FREE mobile apps for your downloading pleasure. And the Charmed Ones could’ve probably taken a few tips from one of our apps. I mean all those demons? They could’ve used the help, let’s be real.

“If you’ve got a problem, yo we’ll solve it, check our apps, while my Red Cross resolves it. Red Cross baby-dum-dum-dum-dum-dee-dee-dee-dee-dum-dum.”


The sisters do live in San Francisco on a major fault line. The Earthquake App alerts users to earthquakes when they occur and provide safety tips for families, as well as provide a lifeline to family members when the power goes out to let loved ones know you’re okay.


This bloody demon came swirling in to our lives and killed the sassy Prue Halliwell. If they had downloaded the Tornado App they could’ve been warned of this havoc-tornado-spinning demon and been able to save Prue. 


Remember when Piper vanished the manor? She was once again under some demon’s spell and because she was nesting felt like the house wasn’t clean enough, so she just got rid of it. The Shelter App could’ve helped house the rest of the family until the spell was broken.


What would the sisters do without Leo’s help, for real?! Later on in the series, when it gets lame without Cole and Leo, the trio doesn’t have a whitelighter to heal their battle wounds. The First Aid App could’ve been a huge time saver. 

The app gives tips about how to aid with broken bones, allergic reactions, burns and many more common first aid scenarios. A lot of information at the tip of your finger.


Can we pause for a moment? Doesn’t he look familiar? Chris was a half whitelighter who traveled from the future to save baby Wyatt and help the Charmed Ones defeat the Titans. That face though, who is he!?


Yup, if you thought of Army Wives’ Trevor LeBlanc, you’d be correct. In my binge-watching-no-brain-wave state of mind, I realized a lot of now popular actors guest starred in Charmed episodes.


Aww, baby Wyatt. The product of love from witch Piper and Whitelighter Leo. But when he conjured the dragon out of the television and into the skies of San Francisco, the Charmed sisters had a dilemma. 

The new Monster Guard App is specifically designed for children. It might not have the answers to magical resolutions, but it could… “monster” could be perceived as mystical creatures. Only one way to find out, download it!


Ugh, poor Piper. She lost her husband to Elder responsibilities. This meant Leo could no longer be married or live at the Manor with his wife Piper and son Wyatt. Piper became consumed with fury and channeled the Greek Gods to control the weather.

The citizens of the Bay Area all could’ve benefited from one of the numerous apps the American Red Cross provides about weather safety. There’s the Hurricane App, Flood App and standard Emergency App. Take your pick, we’ve got it covered.

pet app pet1

The furry friends of Charmed, Kit the cat and Prue as an adorable puppy. Kit mysteriously vanishes after the first few seasons and Prue gets hit by a car. The Pet First Aid App is a great example of what these witches should’ve invested some time in! 

While most of these situations were restored by magic, the rest of us aren’t as lucky. As far as I’m aware, the Charmed Ones don’t exist outside the WB and TNT re-runs. Leading us non-witch, muggle-born humans to fend for ourselves. Lucky for us, the Red Cross has an app for that.

P.S.: Why am I still watching Charmed without Cole? That love story will always be my favorite! Drake and Jason who!?


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