The 10 Ways You Can Beat The Heat (Without A Pool)

by Shannon Randol, intern contributor, American Red Cross

Yes, it’s hot again. I know people say if you complained about the cold you can’t complain about the heat, but I don’t hate winter so therefore I’ll complain about the heat!

Unfortunately I don’t live near a community pool or have one myself. I suppose my dog’s tiny plastic pool could work, but I end up feeling like a piece of meat being fried. I can barely get the water over my stomach!

So what’s a resident of Texas to do?

Top 10 ways you can stay cool for the rest of summer:

10. COLD Potato 

water balloon

Poke a hole in a water balloon and pass it around, QUICKLY, before all the water leaks out. Last one with a limp balloon is a rotten egg! You could also put these bad boys in the fridge to make sure the water is EXTRA chilly. 

9. Chicken


Find one of those ICEE machines on the side of the street and pay the $2 to fill up a cooler. Dare your friends on who can stand in it the longest, first one out is chicken!

8. Slurp an ICEE


Speaking of ICEE, visit your neighborhood 7-11 for one of these mystical inventions. I don’t think there’s anything more refreshing on a 100*+ day than an ICEE. 

7. DIY Noodle Sprinkler


Seriously, about to run home and do this. I think my dogs will get a kick out of this as well. Turn a pool noodle into a sprinkler head. The dollar store and Walmart have them for super cheap! This takes pool noodle wars to a whole new level! 

6. SpongeBall 


No! SpongeBall, not SpongeBob!


I think a game of dodge ball just got a whole lot cooler, pun intended. Again, hit up the dollar store, cut into slivers and rubber band together. Then, wet them and have at it, pick teams and everything! 

5. Fan Fort


Uh, need I say more? Do you think it’s acceptable for a 26-year-old to sleep in one of these, regularly? 

4. Water Gun Fight


Just in case you totally forgot about the fun that could be had with these plastic wonders!

3. Water Limbo


This is pretty self explanatory! 

 2. Water Balloon Pinata 


You can do pretty much anything with water balloons! Hang them up and see how many you can burst in a minute!

  1. Pass The Water


This could be fun as a race or just as is, there’s plenty of opportunity to accidentally pour water on yourself! 

*** Bonus fun for puppies***

Ice Treat


Fill a bucket up with some dollar store toys and freeze overnight!

The American Red Cross dedicates time and resources on how to protect you and your family from the summer heat! Take the time to educate yourself on heat related illnesses and remember; Never leave your child or pet unattended in a car.

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