Kohl’s Cares

By Jenny Contreras, intern contributor, American Red Cross

The Red Cross DFW Chapter is grateful to have Kohl’s Associates in Action participants volunteering at our Disaster Field Supply Center (DFSC) this week. The DFSC is located in Arlington, TX, and it is the newest and largest disaster supply warehouse in the nation. After opening in August 2014, this facility has the capacity to support up to 100,000 Americans after disasters across the United States. The 174,000 sq. ft. facility contains thousands of cots, blankets, personal hygiene items, clean-up kits, coolers and cooking supplies needed to feed the masses.

On Tuesday, Kohl’s associates reassembled pre-made kid’s comfort kits to ensure that they are free of fluoride toothpaste. Today, they are rolling up their sleeves and working hard to build new comfort kits tailored for young disaster victims.

Photo credit: Jenny Contreras General items inside a child's comfort kit.
Photo credit: Jenny Contreras
General items inside a child’s comfort kit.

The general comfort kits contain basic personal supplies needed, such as toothpaste, shampoo and deodorant. The children’s comfort kits contain the same personal hygiene items, but they also include other kid-friendly items like special Red Cross coloring books on disaster preparedness. The coloring book covers preparedness tips on tornadoes, earthquakes, winter storms, hurricanes, floods and fires.

Photo credit: Jenny Contreras Red cross coloring book.
Photo credit: Jenny Contreras
Red cross coloring book.

All disaster victims need reassurance that they are not alone. With the Red Cross providing comfort kits to families affected by disaster, not only are the victims equipped with grooming essentials, but they are also receiving a gift from Red Crossers showing that we care. For the children affected by the disaster, the coloring book isn’t just a gift from the Red Cross; it’s a manual for them to gain further understanding of disasters.

With the help of compassionate Kohl’s associates, the comfort kits will be ready to be given to anyone affected by disasters.

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