Driving Safe in Winter Weather

It’s been a snowy, slushy, icy, gross week in DFW. During bad weather, we always encourage people to avoid unnecessary travel if possible, but if you must drive, please do so carefully! Follow these helpful tips from our friends at the National Weather Service!

Driving Safety Tips:

  • Reduce speed and allow plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Avoid making sharp turns or baking suddenly, both of which can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.
  • If your car begins to skid, gently steer in the direction of the skid to regain control. Resist the urge to jerk the steering wheel in the other direction.
  • From a stop, accelerate slowly in second gear to get a better traction.
  • Sand, kitty litter, or cardboard can help you regain traction if you become stuck.
  • Take along blankets, water jumper cables, a flashlight, and a tow rope in case you got stranded.

If you know you have to head out in hazardous conditions, put an emergency kit in your car, just in case! Here’s a reminder of what should go in your emergency car kit.

Stay warm & dream of spring!

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